Tents and a new fence on the canal slopes.

What’s happening along the side of the walking/cycling path up to the Kennet and Avon canal towpath by Grosvenor Bridge. It’s the point where you turn off the London Road to go across the River Avon and under the railway bridge before climbing up to the canal.

Two of the tents that have appeared beside the pathway in recent weeks.

I have noticed the number of tents erected has increased gradually in recent weeks. I am assuming these are homeless people making camp.


One of the new signs

Next comes a newly erected fence and hand-made signs saying this is private land “and being worked” and that “any property left on it will be removed respectfully.”

The new fence showing – on the left – where it has been torn down.

Part of the fence has now been torn down as someone has created a way through this new barrier.

Another of the new canal slope signs.

Can anyone tell me what is going on?

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  1. I can speculate. Looks like they are using lawful ‘adverse possession’, if and when the land registry de-registers the land. It would take someone 12 years to exert their claim but they would effectively control the unregistered land in the interim.

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