Bath Record Office recently celebrated its 50th birthday with a little help from two of the city’s oldest residents.

Alistair and Julie from Bath’s Natural Theatre Company.

Alistair and Julie – from The Natural Theatre Company – turned up to introduce Jane Austen and Beau Nash to a gathering of staff, former staff, volunteers and friends.

There were lessons in how Georgian society communicated without saying a word. It was all done through how you shook a hankie or positioned a folded or opened fan.

Cutting a celebration ‘Charter” cake is Mary Blagdon – who worked in the Record Office for 20 years. Pictured with her is the Principal Archivist Colin Johnston.

Bath Record Office – housed in the Guildhall basement – holds 900 years of local history – and recently welcomed the district’s Local Studies Collection.

The new combined service is officially called Archives and Local Studies. More information via