Putting the Meadows beyond harm?

Having successfully battled – over 2 years – to save any part of the Bathampton water meadows from becoming the base for the city’s latest park and ride, campaigners are now insisting this natural resource is permanently put out of harm’s way.


The audience arriving at St Swithins for last night’s meeting.

Speaking to a specially-called meeting of the Bath Deserves Better Alliance – held last night at St Swithins Church – Fiona Powell, of the Bathampton Meadows Alliance, called upon B&NES to take action. The Leader of the Council, Cllr Tim Warren, was present at the meeting.


Fiona Powell – of the Bathampton Meadows Alliance – speaking at last night’s meeting.

‘Our objective is now to put the Meadows beyond the threat of future development as we have been here too many times. The land is ‘green belt’ of the highest designation, additionally protected by being an integral part of the setting of the World Heritage Site, which has its own planning protections.

And yet it has been fair game, despite the lack of any case whatsoever that benefit outweighed harm. We call upon you here today Tim to take that extra step and say that you will work with us, and other local and national bodies, to give long-lasting protection to this area.’


The Leader of B&NES Council, Cllr Tim Warren, speaking at last night’s meeting.

Responding to the plea, Cllr Warren said that – during his administration – at least –  there would be ‘nothing built on the meadows.’

He also denied that the decision to look elsewhere for a parking site to the east of Bath was a ‘u-turn’ but rather ‘ a change of direction.’


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