Go ‘hug’ a tree.

A lot of money was spent on paving and landscaping at the city end of the London Road and – while some trees were planted into the ground on the central reservation – those destined for the pavements went into artist-embellished metal planters.

Now l know planners don’t like trees planted into the earth under pavements. Roots can lift slabs –  and also there are the utility services running underneath to think about – but surely they can be better looked after.


Container tree on London Road

Most of them have shed their leaves following a prolonged hot spell when those metal containers probably transmitted even more heat towards the roots.

I know the Parks Department has limited resources – and in no way do l doubt the commitment of its hard-pressed staff – but it does strike me that watering efforts would seem to go first towards the flower beds the tourists admire in the city centre.

I hope these London Road trees are not dead. The recent rain must certainly have  been welcomed!

The overall ‘look’ has  ‘greened’ this noisy and polluted highway and helped local traders improve their environment but – if you add living things to an urban setting – you have to look after them.







2 thoughts on “Go ‘hug’ a tree.

  1. These trees are a living asset and has to be looked after. Yes I guess BANES are accountable those living or working close to them could be asked to assist in looking after them perhaps?

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