Canal grit and courtesy

Contractors have made a great job of resurfacing the towpath – between the George Inn at Bathampton and the first tunnel into Sydney Gardens – on the Kennet and Avon Canal.

As a bike user, the sooner we tread the grit into the tarmac beneath – the smoother the ride. Wheel clearance under the mudguard is tight so every piece of stone picked up makes a wonderful screeching sound as l pedal along.

The new surface on the towpath into Bath.

The new signage is a good idea too! Without lecturing, it’s just asking us bikers to look out for people and not use this route as a race track.

A new sign – greeting you as you go through onto the towpath from Sydney Gardens.

It is a much safer way into town than the dreadful London Road – with its poor cycle provision and outrageously bad surface.IMG_9180

The joy of our canal approach is its setting within Nature – and the people who use it. Both on and off the water.

Let’s all try and look out for each other and be thankful we have this wonderful route into Bath.