On hold…..

Won’t be able to add anything new on the site from this coming Wednesday – July 13th – for a week. Please bear with me.


Look out  – Internet-wise – on Wednesday for a B&NES Cabinet meeting which will be discussing the new arrangements for refuse collection – and another attempt (an information campaign) to get people to take responsibility for what they put in their refuse sacks and what they recycle.

Good to see the ‘Streets of Shame’ group is keeping up the pressure on its Facebook site and here’s another issue facing B&NES that they have featured in the past.

This is the mess in the delivery courtyard off Westgate Street and it’s a space owned by a private landlord.

A delivery courtyard off Westgate Street

These people have to be pulled in on this ‘clean-up drive’ or it isn’t going to have the desired effect.

Part of a delivery courtyard off Westgate Street

The Cabinet meeting will also receive a report on how things are going in terms of considering the best site for an East of Bath park and ride.

There isn’t one of course – but we are still keeping our fingers crossed they will decide NOT to touch Bathampton Meadows. That five million could be better spent on resurfacing our roads.