Perils of being a postie

laura place A passerby comes to the aid of a postie stepping into the rainwater ‘lake’ surrounding the Victorian letter-box in historic Laura Place.

She’s hanging onto the sack while he reaches for the letters he has come to collect.

We have had plenty to talk about weather-wise just recently as rain and gale-force winds bring floods and misery to many.  A wet launch for 2014.

The Virtual Museum of Bath has been up and running on the World Wide Web for a little over a year and thanks everyone of its 33,000 page readers for taking the trouble to visit the site.

In wishing you a very happy 2014 this cyber museum of history and heritage hopes you will continue to follow its postings in the coming year.

Understanding where we have come from helps in explaining who we are and where we are going.

The past cannot be left behind. Like it or not  – it follows us into the future.