Another vandal strike in Sydney Gardens

sydney gardens 12/2013Sad to report more vandalism along the stretch of railway line that passes through Bath’s Sydney Gardens.

It’s a section of the Great Western Railway that it’s builder – Isambard Kingdom Brunel – had been keen to show off as part of the new landscape he had created within the former Georgian pleasure gardens 12/2013

Mindless graffiti has now been sprayed along a retaining wall. It has to be done during daylight hours for the vandals to see what they are doing – as it’s the usual human version of a dog cocking its leg to ‘tag’ its territory.

sydney gardens 12/2013I think the whole idea is for other vandals who delight in this rubbish to be able to recognise the identity of the tagger who has emblazoned his name in such a fashion.

It all adds to the general dereliction of the gardens – already looking pretty depressed without this new contribution to the general appearance of run-down neglect.

No one ever sees this happening. Or do they? Bath – you get the city you deserve. When will people start fighting back.