A statue that looks good enough to eat?

A statue that looks good enough to eat?

Bath is not exactly running a surplus on public sculpture.

queen vic vag

The statue of Queen Victoria at the Victoria Art Gallery.

Apart from Queen Victoria – sitting half way up an art gallery wall – and poor Rebecca getting no more than a dribble from her well – the majority of stone figures surround the Great Bath – the centrepiece of the city’s Roman remains.

Rebecca Fountain

The Rebecca Fountain.


roman baths

Emperors and Governors at the Roman Bath.


However, the wonderful world of commerce is fighting back.

Never mind promoting water, this little fellow welcomes you at the doorway to ‘great food’ – and not far away, a Regency period dressed little lady looks good enough to eat.


On guard in the name of ‘great food’ eh?

This new kid on the block is promoting the chocolates you can buy inside the shop she welcomes you into, but l wouldn’t suggest trying to bite her.


A statue that looks good enough to eat!

Tempting though she looks, with her Jane Austen styled appearance, she is NOT made of the edible stuff.


Bath’s wind-blown art-work

Bath’s wind-blown art-work

The wind mobile in the Homebase car park.

The wind mobile in the Homebase car park.

I know it’s not exactly obvious but Bath does have some examples of public sculpture – and the hope is that its collection will grow.

Of course, it’s all about knowing where to look.

'Nails' by Peter Logan 1987

‘Nails’ by Peter Logan 1987

Wait for a breezy day and head down to the riverbank across from the Homebase Store by Greenpark Station.

The company commissioned artist Peter Logan – back in 1987 – to produce a kinetic sculpture.

It’s a wind mobile – which sort of promotes one of the company’s products. Giant aluminium nails that revolve and change shape in the wind.

The whole area is sadly overgrown and one hopes – with major redevelopment planned for the site – that a more prominent space will be created around the sculpture for people to really appreciate it again.

This is only an iPhone recording but click on and enjoy.