Bath’s wind-blown art-work

The wind mobile in the Homebase car park.
The wind mobile in the Homebase car park.

I know it’s not exactly obvious but Bath does have some examples of public sculpture – and the hope is that its collection will grow.

Of course, it’s all about knowing where to look.

'Nails' by Peter Logan 1987
‘Nails’ by Peter Logan 1987

Wait for a breezy day and head down to the riverbank across from the Homebase Store by Greenpark Station.

The company commissioned artist Peter Logan – back in 1987 – to produce a kinetic sculpture.

It’s a wind mobile – which sort of promotes one of the company’s products. Giant aluminium nails that revolve and change shape in the wind.

The whole area is sadly overgrown and one hopes – with major redevelopment planned for the site – that a more prominent space will be created around the sculpture for people to really appreciate it again.

This is only an iPhone recording but click on and enjoy.