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Here’s a press release l think you can read two ways.

Apparently a report outlining improvements to an online system where residents can report problems with highways and public spaces in Bath & North East Somerset are being set out before councillors today.

A report before councillors on the Corporate Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel tomorrow (Tuesday 19thSeptember) outlines the changes that have been made to FixMyStreet to make it easier for residents to report issues in their area.

FixMyStreet allows people to report and monitor issues they find like potholes, blocked drains and faulty street lights. 

The report before councillors details the significant increase in people using FixMyStreet, from 638 reports per month in 2022, up to 875 in 2023, which coincides with improvements being made to the system.

Here is where one could argue that the increase might also be down to more potholes and blocked drains!

The improvements follow feedback from parishes and councillors about FixMyStreet, which has not seen any major changes since 2018. 

Councillor Manda Rigby, cabinet member for Transport, said: “I welcome the opportunity to bring colleagues on the scrutiny committee up to date with the improvements we’ve made to FixMyStreet. It is a very effective way for our residents to report issues and importantly, see when their reports have been fixed by our teams.

“The online system has been streamlined with better functions to make it quicker and easier for users.”

Reports from residents help the council maintain its highway network, consisting of:

  • 1,102km of carriageways
  • 885km of footways
  • 16,320 Street Lights
  • 159 bridges and structures
  • 30,765 Highway drainage gullies
  • 932km Public Rights of Way

To report something on FixMyStreet, go to:

For details of the report presented at the Corporate Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel, go to:


  1. I’ve used fix my street twice with a “no further action” response with no explanation. The work was completed after contacting my ward councillor. Fix My Street is not user friendly!

  2. I’ve been using FixMyStreet for several years to report the blocked drain outside our house. Even when I reported that not only was it blocked, it also had a tree sapling growing in it, the response I received was that it was on their ‘routine schedule for maintenance’, which seemed to equate to ‘never’.
    Only when the road was resurfaced without the contractors thinking about covering the drains did they have to clear it – all the drains had effectively been capped with asphalt, followed by yellow lines going through the grid. Bizarre!

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