You know l don’t use the word ‘retired to describe my situation and – anyway – my reinvention of myself has meant l am kept pretty busy running a blog, writing for The Bath Magazine AND now doing podcasts!

Having said that, everything l do l do for love not money. So l am grateful to be in receipt of an ITV Pension – which l paid into for many years.

It is currently managed by the Pension Insurance Corporation who very kindly invited us ‘pensioners’ along to a luncheon – held under the wings of the last supersonic Concorde ever to fly which is housed at Aerospace Bristol.

Concorde cockpit

A fantastic museum based at the old Filton aerodrome and telling the story of Bristol and its connections with one hundred years of aviation history. The star attraction being Concorde Alpha Foxtrot – the last of the iconic supersonic passenger jets to be built and the last to fly.

It was a chance for us to reconnect with old workmates. Here’s a shoutout for Pat and Mary Wilson, Richard Lister and Adrian and Moira Brenard. It was an interesting visit and here’s a few impressions of the Concorde Hangar.

Concorde seating

If you haven’t been to Filton to see it all – you should! Check out