Homes for gasworks site

Just recently l reported that Bath MP Wera Hobhouse went to look at the gasworks site where housing development is proposed.

I have just heard that the developers, St William Homes, will be holding an update information event at Cassia Café, on Tuesday 5th September 2023 from 1pm – 7pm for their Bath Gasworks site, next to the already completed Bath Riverside.

The information on show includes amendments and adaptations to the existing application, submitted in August 2022, B&NES planning portal ref: 22/03224/EFUL. T

hese include reductions in heights, modifications to building materials and design as well as enhancements in landscaping and public spaces.  

The revised proposals include 611 high quality new homes, a children’s nursery, restaurant, café, cycle hub, a new ecological riverside park, sustainable transport route, net biodiversity gain and many other public benefits.  

All updated information will be available to view on from 5th September.


  1. Are we to experience the cheap supermarket ethos again -pack em in and pile em high” or has this development bucked the trend with a thoughtful aesthetically pleasing concept in keeping with a World Heritage City?

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