Make way for steam

Some lovely steam train pictures from our man with a cam, Rob Coles.

He writes: In case your readers would like a pic of today’s train – 45690 Leander from Shoeburyness – I went to Oldfield Park, where I used to be taken in my pram to watch trains, mother has much to answer for.

One of the pleasures for me of waiting for a train – this one was half an hour late – is talking to people.   

Today I met Glyn from Pembrokeshire with Ping from China.   Ping showed me videos, on her phone, of ultra modern trains in China that passed through the equally modern skyscrapers. 

The contrast struck me of seeing these videos of China while here in Britain we were waiting for a ninety-year-old steam engine to pass.I

I also learned that it was possible that the new resident’s parking scheme in Oldfield Park could have a detrimental effect on the numbers using the station. Apparently people working in Bristol – including Abbey Wood – would, prior to the restrictions, park near the station and commute by rail. 

It will also increase inter-city road traffic.  When Abbey Wood was first built a station was to be built at Newbridge.  Could be a case of unforeseen consequences.

Brunel’s gothic over bridge looks a bit of a mess, weed killer could have solved the problem in early days, it now looks like a major job.  It is grade II listed.