Should the pillars be moved?

Some more pictures of those damaged pillars at the top of Ralph Allen Drive – this time supplied by our regular photographer, Rob Coles, who writes:

“Every time I pass the pillars at the top of Ralph Allen Drive I think I must  write and ask when they will be repaired but have  failed to do so.

I am, therefore, so grateful to Jacqueline Burrows for raising the issue  in  her detailed paper. (See story elsewhere on the bathnewseum page)

 Following the last significant damage to the eastern pillar, a crane was employed to remove the vase but, in attempting to lift the urn, it appeared to snap the base.

Since then the top of the pillar has been covered with blue plastic – no doubt to prevent water damage – and the sides have been  protected by boards.   

There is also damage to the western pillar.

Should the pillars be restored, they will no doubt be quickly damaged again. Perhaps they should be moved, a little way down the hill – which will also improve visibility at the dangerous junction.

The amount of heavy traffic that passes the junction has increased greatly. As I was taking the attached photos this morning, there was nearly yet another accident!”