Good luck Bath!

It’s a blooming big day for the city tomorrow.

Bath is being judged in the Britain in Bloom South West competition but l am afraid l am elsewhere and unable to follow the events of the day.

I wish our Parks Department, Bath BID – and everyone else who has done their best to decorate our World Heritage city for the summer with REAL plants and flowers – the very best of luck!

The judges will be taken on a four-and-a-half-hour tour of Bath which includes, parks, gardens, a school and the city centre.

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  1. Bath Spa Station used to place tubs of flowers or shrubs in between the platforms which seemed welcoming and appropriate. They actually won a Britain in Bloom award for their efforts. I know this because during the refurbishment I found the plaque chucked in the builders skip in the forecourt! I took the trouble to retrieve it and hung it on a dead tree that was also in the skip. Unfortunately I can’t trace the photo I took of that momentous occasion.

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