Coffee Corner!

An area at the town end of Milsom Street that is rapidly now becoming the Coffee Quarter with yet more ‘baristas’ starting work today in the opening of yet another new place to meet while sipping your skinny latte.

Welcome to the WatchHouse. The twelfth such coffee house to open under that company name around the country.

It’s a welcome addition to Old Bond Street and sees yet another period property revitalised.

The landowner is St John’s Hospital and l wondered if they might restore the clock face on the blunt end of the building? I have no idea of its particular history but it would be a nice touch.

The name of the company though has more to do with the shelters that were built for the security guards employed by churches to watch for those trying to steal the bodies of the recently departed.

The first WatchHouse opened in London’s Bermondsey Street in what was “a shelter for men guarding the graveyard of St Mary Magdalen’s Church, today we honour its former role by providing a contemporary sanctuary to our customers. This tiny building became our namesake and the home of a simple ambition, to offer quality coffee, food and service, and bring a new lease of life to this unique building.” (Taken from the company’s website)

The coffee’s good. Today’s opening blend came with an explanatory note. There’s more room upstairs.

It’s light and bright with wifi and gender neutral loos.

Other coffee houses of course exist all over Bath and some are individually-owned and long-established.

The changing face of the ‘High Street’ also includes quite a growing number of ‘nail bars,’ mini supermarkets and Turkish barbers!