I thought l was seeing things this morning.

After weeks of cycling around the roads circling the ‘buildings island’ that contains the Guildhall, Victoria Art Gallery, Empire Hotel, et al. – and swerving to avoid the many dips and craters – l was suddenly aware that some overnight repairs had been carried out.

Bridge Street has been blessed with a visit by the ‘Tarmac Crew’ and smooth ( rather large) patches of newly-laid road surfacing material was passing under my wheels without a judder.

There’s still a broken surface at the Orange Grove end of the High Street but maybe that will be done as part of the nearby security installation taking place at the Abbey end of Cheap Street.

I see the Leader of B&NES, Cllr Kevin Guy has referred to the pothole problem in an E-letter posted earlier this month.

PS. Maybe the tarmac gang would like to come and have a look at our ‘craters’ in St Saviours Road in Larkhall. They’d be very welcome.