Pic of the day. Monday, June 19th

Sad to see so many hedges affected and dying through Box Blight but some of the more public garden spaces have suffered too.

Here’s the Admiral Phillip’s Garden at the Assembly Rooms – back when the box hedge was bright green.

Other images tell a sorry tale.

And here’s how things are right now.

This Grade 1 listed Georgian building is owned by the National Trust and work has begun on creating a Georgian experience that will transport visitors back to the social scene in the late eighteenth-century. 

No doubt the official Admiral Phillip’s Garden will feature in the transformation.

Don’t forget the Forest of Imagination events is running at the Rooms until July 14th.

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  1. Blight-resistant box plants are now available and box caterpillar can be dealt with by a biological spray so I don’t understand why the National Trust aren’t restoring rather than removing the hedges, A sorry sight!

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