Hurrah for history!

Congratulations to the Roman Baths this morning!

It’s my understanding that council-owned attraction – along with its recently-established Clore Learning Centre – has won the Best Venue for History Learning award given by the School Travel Organiser Magazine.

Library shot.

The Clore Learning Centre was established as part of the Roman Bath’s Archway Project which saw an old city laundry converted into an educational facility.

I am amazed – bearing in mind B&NES owns the building and invested a fair sum in its re-ordering – that it doesn’t have the council’s name and logo on the building.

Though the major grant to carry out this work came from the Heritage Lottery Fund (Lottery Heritage Fund (£3.4M), Clore Duffield Foundation (£250k) and Garfield Weston Foundation (£75k).) B&NES put in over £1M – plus the buildings – and maybe its logo should certainly be in the top line on the board of ‘supporters’.