Pretty – it isn’t!

Seems l am not the only one who feels our city centre is looking a bit shabby of late.

I talk about the gull problem as being one of the main causes, but John Taylor reminds me that our current business waste disposal system isn’t helping.

He has given me a copy of the letter he has just sent to the leader of B&NES, Cllr Kevin Guy, and here it is.

“I’m sorry to write to you with a grumble, but as leader of the council I feel you should take action. At present the historic core of our World Heritage City looks a disgrace.

The cause: business waste and seagull attacks on that waste.

Library picture

All our recent visitors have commented how grubby and run down the centre looks, with gull mess everywhere and gulls ignoring humans and ripping commercial waste bags apart.

We were in the centre on Monday evening and there were piles of commercial waste bags already being ripped open by gulls. This morning the bags were still there at 9:30 – i.e. uncollected and more damaged.

I appreciate that you may be limited by various regulatory systems, but the city doesn’t look pretty at all.

As a private resident you will only collect my waste if it is in a gull proof bag or wheelie bin. Why are businesses exempt from this requirement?”


  1. Thé rubbish collection both residential and commercial is not fit for purpose and really needs a rethink.

  2. Apparently there are around 27,000 students at the two universities in Bath and while many of them live on campus many others live around the city, particularly in Oldfield Park, in Houses of Multiple Occupancy. If the HMO has one student in it it is exempt from Council Tax so all the students are having the services provided to Council Tax paying residents for nothing and the permanent residents have to make up the shortfall in their Council Tax bills. the Council tells us that there is nothing they can do to change this situation so every time the Universities expand the problems get worse.

  3. Be proud of our City….I cannot believe how council members can walk around the city and not think this is disgusting I know I do. Spend the money and employ street cleaners with proper street cleaning equipment. I walk around and there is not a corner of the place that is not dirty.
    Walk to Waitrose by turning right by Pulteney Bridge the place is filthy with pigeon and seagull droppings and people eat and drink in the area due to a bar there, it stinks. You look at rubbish bins full and overflowing and all around them filthy. Something needs to
    Done, so come on Banes council put it top of your list, keep Bath clean and more important healthy.

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