Not so proud

While the Rainbow Flag flies proudly above the Bath Guildhall this special month, it’s such a shame that – despite some effort last year – no one has yet managed to organise an official Bath Pride celebration.

Bristol – of course – has had such an event for years and all credit to Chippenham – just up the old London Road – for having an impressive annual event too.

Gay rights were not achieved over night and there are some parts of the world where you can still be imprisoned – or worse – for loving someone of the same sex.

Homophobia is not dead in this country either – judging by recent events.

Pull your socks up Bath.

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  1. Hi Richard, I know there was an attempt to organise a Bath Pride event last year. Do you know who was involved and what went wrong?
    I agree it’s high time we had a day for our gay community to show off. 95% of UK cities have one but Bath doesn’t. We are behind the times.

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