It’s Dine’s day!

[Cllr Dine Romero who today became the new Mayor of Bath]

Say hello to Cllr Dine Romero who told became the 796th Mayor of Bath in a colourful – if somewhat lengthy – ceremony at Bath Abbey.

The event took place during the annual meeting of the Charter Trustees. They are city councillors who collectively have to ‘look after’ all the civic charters and silver. The mayor is always chosen from their ranks.

It’s a non-political role promoting Bath at home and abroad, supporting the local community and caring for the city’s Royal Charters that date from one given by Richard 1 Coeur de Lion (Richard the Lionheart) back in 1189.

The new mayor is Southdown councillor Dine Romero who has amassed twenty years of local government experience with six terms of office to her credit. Her eldest daughter, Dr Isobel Romero-Shaw, will be Mayoress.

Councillor Dr Bharat Pankhania is Deputy Mayor, and his wife Alison, Deputy Mayoress.  He was elected to Bath & North East Somerset Council in 2019 to represent Combe Down Ward.  

During the Ceremony Mr Andrew Brownsword CBE was admitted as an Honorary Freeman of the City of Bath, an honour rarely bestowed and given for significant achievements. 

Mr Brownsword has lived and worked in the City for over 40 years and has accomplished an outstanding contribution as a benefactor to the City, having achieved both national and international success.  

The Mayor’s Officer, Terry Mitchell leads the procession into the Abbey.

The Civic Procession to the Abbey was led by the Mayor’s officer Terry Mitchell . This is the 20th time he has carried out this duty!

Caught on one of the Abbey tv screens – the outgoing Mayor Rob Appleyard reminiscing about his year in office.

During a short interval, whilst civic robes and Collars and Badges of Office were exchanged, musical performances were given by Bath Strings Academy Quartet and the Zenith Youth Theatre Company.  A super display of musical talent from a crowd of young people.

This year, l am proud to say, Bath Newseum has played a small part in the day’s events.

You don’t often see the flag of Bath fluttering above the Guildhall. You may be surprised to hear our city has one!!

Currently, the city’s existing flag was too tatty to run up a flagpole so, while my mate David Dixon was working for Minutemen Press, he very kindly printed one off for me.

The shield bears the city wall and the waters of the city – along with the sword of St Paul. The hands hold the crown of Edgar – the first English monarch to be crowned king and whose coronation ceremony was held in Bath.

At the bottom is the Roman name for the city – Aquae Sulis – the waters of (the goddess) Sulis.

I’ve donated the flag to the city and was pleased to see it flying proudly above the Guildhall – which houses the Mayor’s office – this morning.