Let Nature back in

It’s good to see that the dead Lime trees on the central reservations at the city end of the London Road have been replaced and new saplings planted in more suitable soil.

Let’s hope they flourish this time!

According to a notice – placed in one of the (deliberately) rusted artist-created metal flower bins that line the pavement – stated: “following an investigation into the below ground conditions to help ascertain the issues, it has been decided to initially remove six of the dying trees and replant with a different species that are more robust to cope with the difficult growing conditions.”

Some might say money was wasted here by not initially looking deeper into the perfect environment a young tree needs to grow.

The Council say the trees were watered, but the saplings endured long dry spells.

However, while new plantings may prosper, who is actually looking after the metal plant troughs?

How they looked a few years back.

The previous Conservative administration was all for moving them – apparently some restricted the view for motorists pulling out of side roads – but nothing happened.

Late summer 2022

I can remember running into one local Snow Hill resident who was busy weeding and doing what he could to improve their look – including watering – but they do now look uncared for.

Some – by the Dominoes Pizza place – have lovely flowering trees, but even one of these needed pruning to cut away dead wood.

Whoever takes control – after May 4th – should be doing more to encourage community involvement here. Or let the shops adopt a tray?

We need our city to welcome in Nature – wherever it can. It lifts spirits and helps keep us in the real world.