Help us see them off – objection date extended to May 10,

Back to a day filled with rain, but if you have decided to stay in out of the wet, l wonder if you could spare five minutes and do the people of Larkhall a favour?

We’ve got a persistent developer trying to wear us down by putting in application after application to get permission to build on a triangle of land beside the area’s historic Dead Mill.

Infill they call it, but we see it as blocking – and destroying – our green gate to the countryside beyond.

It’s enough that B&NES officers have inadvertently (apparently) destroyed a sparrow nesting hedge but if this latest plan to build two luxury homes goes ahead it will destroy an even bigger area of biodiversity.

Help us send them off again. There are much brown field sites than this one. All the details are below.

Thank you for reading this far – and thanks again if you object. You can do that until May 10th as the date has been extended.