Welcome to Bath

Well, a walk through part of the city centre, and London Road approach, certainly lifted the spirits today in more ways than one.

Friends of Hedgemead Park digging over their vegetable bed!

Firstly, great to see some sunshine and blue skies – after such a storm battering.

Secondly evidence of new business life coming into empty properties.

New Bond Street is often singled out as evidence of the High Street ‘dying’ but – apart from shops on one side being collectively optioned as part of our new Fashion Museum site – there’s evidence of rebirth on the other.

A womens fashion, footwear and accessory company called Mint Velvet is preparing to open shop – and taking over two existing retail units.

New life on the London Road

While on the London Road, we’ve a barber shop in the early stages of setting up in business and , further down on that side of the road, Storeaway – which will offer storage units to rent – is fitting out the former oak furniture store.

Self storage units to rent.

You are all welcome to Bath!


  1. Mint Velvet has been operating in Bath, for several years now, within Jollys department store. So it’s more of a reshuffle really? But nonetheless good to see signs of life in New Bond St!

  2. Glad to see more signs of life in the rtail sector as sadly we seem completely dependent on retail and hospitality in this city.
    it will also hopefully keep the gloom merchants quiet , those who constantly tell us what a terrible place Bath has become.

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