The old sign in York Street – featured above – was a ‘Pic of the Day’ just recently. It has brought back a food of memories about that location from Rob Coles – one of my regular contributors.

“Your pic of the day Monday.  Back in the fifties there was a photographer, in Westgate Street who gave a 24 hour service, Mowers Studio.    Even that was a long time to wait for an eleven year old. It was exciting climbing the stairs to collect your prints, anticipation was often better than realisation 

In your photo there is part of the word cream followed by Hand, these words relate to a long established  family business which was still flourishing into the 1950’/60’s and probably later.   

Cream, including  clotted cream was ladled out from bowls on the counter and in the window, with customers queuing back to the door especially at lunchtime..  In 1951 it was  in addition to being a dairy and teashop, advertised as a milk bar.

The recently externally re-furbished Crystal Palace Tavern in Abbey Green.

Around the corner in Abbey Green was and still is the Chrystal Palace, a lunchtime meeting place for my friends.  Bert the Landlord once said to me “do you ever fear that you will spend money”. 

I was earning £1 10 shillings ( £1.50),  a week in 1960, so I really didn’t have any.   Bert’s comment inspired me to make a fundamental career change.      I still feared spending money! “

Thanks Rob