Bumpy ride

If you want to know how bad a road surface is, in terms of potholes and sunken tarmac, take a bike ride along Great Pulteney Street! It hurts!

Then pedal around the Guildhall and admire the depressions in the road surface and – until yesterday – a gaping pot hole outside the Guildhall that actually revealed pipework beneath.

That one – l noticed this morning – is one highway cavity that has been filled!

It’s all symptomatic of the state of the nation’s economic woes l suppose.

Nearly home and across Grosvenor Bridge where some new graffiti has appeared to delight the eye.

I think a good ‘wake up call’ would be a year’s community service! I have reported it!

My mood was further darkened by returning home to find evidence of the passing of our recycling collection.

For the second week in a row refuse scattered everywhere and even one of my clearly house numbered bins nowhere to be seen?!

I know it’s a difficult job but taking a little more care would at least reduce some of the litter in our streets.

I am speaking as someone who actually goes out in our road – on a regular basis – and picks it up!