Pic of the day. Monday, September 26th

All photos © Sally Theresa Helvey

Plenty going on under our beleaguered Cleveland Bridge yesterday when Sally Theresa Helvey was out on the River Avon cruiser with her family.

Thanks for letting me use some of your shots which clearly show the scaffolding coming down.

‘Up top’ they’ve been relaying the pavements and there’s now every indication of a traffic nightmare coming to an end?

It’s looking smart!

We don’t know if it will re-open with a weight limit, but l have the feeling it’ll be two-way traffic for light vehicles only. I am given to understand an announcement is coming this week!!

Yours Truly writing this at 1.15 am while ‘enjoying’ a rather debilitating cold that’s making uninterrupted sleep impossible!

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  1. Hurrah! Let’s just hope our Council can keep those 44Tonne HGV through-traffic off it. Yes, we all know the DfT is trying to insist that the Bridge carries those behemoths back across it and through our City’s residential streets again, but B&NES needs to stand up to that, and protect its Residents from the physical harm it brings to them. Otherwise, what’s the point of having those Clean Air Zones, Liveable Neighbourhoods and Cycle paths – none!

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