Let the country decide

Only a General Election will really give the people of this country a chance to elect their next prime minister says Bath’s MP Wera Hobson.

She was reacting to the news that Liz Truss has well and truly pipped Rishi Sunak to the post.

“New leader, same old Conservatives,” she says. ” The Conservatives just never learn. Liz Truss is just a new Boris Johnson. The Party has spent weeks arguing over who wears the Conservative crown, leaving more and more people suffering from long-term debt and soaring energy bills. 

“Liz Truss’ failure to offer more help with energy bills and her criticism of ‘lazy’ British workers shows nothing but disdain for the British public. This, plus stripping the Environment Agency to its bone and allowing water companies to pump raw sewage into our waterways, is awful. 

Public confidence and the Government’s authority has been absolutely shattered and Liz Truss will only make this worse. 

“First the government must urgently scrap October’s energy price hike to avoid a social catastrophe for families and pensioners this winter. Then we need a general election, to get the Conservatives out of power and deliver the real change the country needs.

“It’s clear that we need a general election to allow the British public to have their say on the country’s Prime Minister.”

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