Harmony at Parsonage Farm

It’s a small world. Meet someone new and, before long, realise that we both have another group of people in common.

I am talking about the Bevan family from Croscombe in the Mendip Hills. Back in the 1970’s – not long after l started with HTV West – l presented a documentary on Roger and Molly Bevan and their amazing singing family of fourteen children. It was called Harmony at Parsonage Farm.

I believe both parents have passed on – and have no idea where other members of the family might be – but my new friend pointed me towards a rather scratchy recording of that remarkable half hour.

I leave it here – just in case anyone is interested. It certainly brought memories flooding back for me.

The cameramen were the late Brian Morgan and Peter Thornton. Sound Gordon Kethro, Mike Davey and John Cross. It was directed by Adrian Brenard.


  1. That was great Richard. Took me back to, not only the fashions of the early 70’s, but also to the values. I liked those values.

  2. What a beautiful, honest unfussy film. I knew that family back in the ’70’s and they were just as portrayed – very down to earth, modest, and warm. There was usually a large loaf of bread on the kitchen table just waiting for one of them to cut themselves a slice.

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