Pic of the day. Sunday, August 21st

Rob Coles writes:

“I have not seen the new LED lights in Pulteney St. It is such an important street that I hope care has been taken.   

The lights that they are replacing were, I believe, put there by a film company. They are, I think, too high and too thin – and some not in a straight line – but at least the tops look in keeping. 

You can just about see the previous lights in the attached photo that I took in about 1964.” 

Nice one Rob.

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  1. I understand the present lights were erected in the 1990’s and whilst I agree with Rob that they are a little tall, they are a vast improvement on what was there before. The soft glow of the previous sodium units was attractive at night and I fear that whilst the LED replacements are going to save on power, the soft cream versions would have been more sympathetic than harsh white. However, BANES may have been restricted by central government dictated lighting standards.

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