New lamps for old

Michael Pritchard writes:

“The character street lamps in Great Pulteney Street are today being changed for LED replacements.

It’s not just a bulb change, but the whole lamp head is being replaced. It’ll be interesting to see how the colour temperature of the LEDs looks at night.”

Thank you for the images, Michael. Look forward to a night shot to test the new lights out!


  1. When these streetlights were last replaced c.2004 Great Pulteney Street was set to get the same modern design as elsewhere in the city. It only received these reproduction-style ones because the Vanity Fair film company stepped in, offering to pay for them. I’d be interested to know why they are being replaced now. Is it to comply with the recommendations of the 2010 Lighting Strategy for a 2700K temperature? (If not, why not?)

  2. LED lamps are available in various colour temperatures amongst a number of other options

    1. Indeed, which is why I’d be interested to know if that’s a consideration in the replacement. Worth reading the strategy document in which a particular temperature is recommended as appropriate for central Bath rather than an off-the-shelf option (see sect. 6.1.2, page 33).

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