Bath-born balloonist

Well here’s something l did not know and maybe should lead on to a commemorative plaque for a locally born woman but first, let’s hear from Sharon Wright who writes on behalf of the Abney Park Trust in London’s Stoke Newington High Street.

“I am part of a campaign to honour Bath balloonist Margaret Graham, who became the first British woman to fly solo in 1826.

Though the pre-eminent female aeronaut of the 19th century, she has lain forgotten in an unmarked pauper’s grave in Hackney since her death in 1864.

Now Abney Park Trust and I have launched an appeal to finally give Mrs Graham a gravestone celebrating her remarkable life and achievements.

As Margaret was born in Walcot in 1804 I wondered whether you could help publicise the appeal through Bath Newseum, please?”

Delighted to pass that on to my followers Margaret and good luck with your appeal.

All details are here: