You never know what you will find!

[Quality is not good but here’s a still from HTV’s It’s Nearly Christmas 1990 featuring Leslie Crowther and Tom O’Connor – sadly both no longer with us – chatting to yours truly.]

I have to thank Gareth Joy for drawing my attention to a huge chunk of off-air material recorded around HTV’s 30th birthday and available to view on YouTube.

That is one of Ed Hearn’s videos that exist in his apparently huge archive library. He has over 100 tapes which he is slowly uploading to his YouTube channel.

It’s not the best quality and includes ads and other promotional material, but it was a great watch and a big trip down memory lane for me.

Sherrie Eugene and Alison Holloway in an ‘in-house’ Christmas panto. Prince Charming and Cinderella!

Some of you, of similar vintage, may enjoy it too!

Others – not so long-in-the-tooth – may be curious enough to take a look as well.

There is one presenter – near the end – who has since fallen very far from grace. To my knowledge, no one – at the time of his employment – had any idea of what would come to light.