Swings and fountain roundabouts

Join me for an early morning chat about Bath matters.

PS. The gap is going. Just another month!!


  1. Thanks for your Vlog, particularly regarding the fountain in Laura Place. I agree that some form of protection for the fountain, able to withstand errant motorists and their vehicles, should be erected around it. The original railings in the picture clearly aren’t sufficient for the modern-day traffic, so I would recommend ten of those black cast-iron bollards used elsewhere in the town, linked by a strong chain. As you say, Richard, it will be cheaper and easier to replace one or two of those bollards than the stone surround of the fountain. Could some anti-foam device also be incorporated to dissuade our ‘harmless young jinxsters’ from using it as part of their weekly ‘celebrations’?

  2. Anna Beria says:
    ‘Thank you Richard! It’s good to have you back vlogging. Re. Laura Place fountain, I think encircling it with low bollards and chains to protect it is an excellent idea. If properly done, it would actually enhance the monument and Laura Place as a whole. As regards the ‘love locks’ on bridge railings, while I agree with your view that they’re pointless, at best, and potentially damaging, I for one would not be willing to go and challenge a couple intent on setting their lock. Maybe witty signage could be devised to discourage it, or perhaps we just have to accept that once or twice a year a Council employee will have to be sent to cut them away. There are more offensive habits that damage the environment, spoil everyone’s enjoyment and cost money to put right: graffiti, especially “tags”, fly-tipping and just the casual and mindless dropping of rubbish in the street and on roads outside the city. And no, the latter doesn’t “give someone a job” – most of the rubbish that gets thrown out of vehicles travelling at speed, either stays there forever or until it biodegrades, or gets picked up by hundreds of local volunteers that once or twice a year organise a village clean-up. Claverton, my village, does that, with little help and encouragement from the Council, sadly. You’d be amazed by the amount and the variety of rubbish we clear off our village streets, but mostly from the A36 that runs through it.’

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