How secure is Europe now?

A special online event being hosted on Tuesday 15 March by the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution sees two leading experts on the subject of Ukraine-Russian relations, Professor Paul D’Anieri, Vice-Chancellor, University of California, author of Ukraine and Russia, and Rajan Menon author of Conflict in Ukraine share and discuss thoughts on the deepening crisis in the region and both speakers will take audience questions via zoom at the end of their talk.

Professor Paul D’Anieri and Rajan Menon will explore the current situation within the wider historical context of the region, asking: How are we to understand the current context and historical background to this crisis, and what lessons, if any, can be drawn as regards the future security of Europe? Can we imagine a different, less crisis-prone European order? If so, what might it look like, and how can we create it?

Finally, now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, is there a way out of this war which meets the minimal demands of Russia, Ukraine and the West? These questions will be addressed by putting this crisis in a larger historical perspective, starting in 1991, with a quick, scene-setting survey.

As we search for our positions on the Ukraine Russia Crisis both as individuals and part of a wider global society, informing ourselves as fully as possible seems just about the most positive thing we can do. Bath Royal look forward to hosting this very important event for them and hope audience participants will come with questions for our two leading experts.

The lecture is part of the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution’s wider programme of political talks and cultural events and for further lectures and events visit

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Professor Paul D’Anieri is Vice Chancellor and Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at the University of California Riverside. His distinguished career includes the Eugene and Daymel Shklar Research Fellowship in Ukrainian Studies from Harvard University in 2017, as well as extensive publications on the topic of Ukraine and Russia. Professor D’Anieri’s latest book on Russia and Ukraine ‘Ukraine and Russia: From Civilized Divorce to Uncivil War’ was published in 2019 by Cambridge University Press.

Professor Rajan Menon is Professor Emeritus of City University of New York. His career spans notable roles, including as a Senior Research Scholar at the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace. Professor Emeritus Menon has published a significant number of academic works and essays, including his most recent book on Ukraine: ‘Ukraine in Conflict: The Unwinding of the Post-Cold World Order’ co-authored with Eugene B.Rumer was published by MIT Press in 2015.

This will be an online presentation followed by a Q&A discussion.

When: Tuesday 15 March from 7:30 – 9pm
Where: Virtual Event – Online Only
Tickets: Members £4 / non-members £7 LINK TO BUY TICKETS