Flying the flag

This morning l raised the colours of Ukraine over Lower Swainswick to show solidarity with that beleaguered country.

Yesterday – when it arrived in the post – l contacted the press office at B&NES to offer it to the council. If you have been following this thread you’ll know l was a little sad to see they had not exactly rushed to hoist their own tribute on the Guildhall roof.

Two days ago

Getting no reply l made direct contact with the Leader of the Council, Cllr Kevin Guy who did get back to me.

Here’s his email:

Thanks for the offer. I have instructed officers to fly the Ukrainian Flag and they have acquired one.

It’s very important we show our solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Pleased to hear B&NES has finally caught up with public feeling.

I have a big delivery today so cannot get into town, but thanks to Dine Romero, cabinet member for culture, l am told a flag is now flying from the guildhall – with a picture to prove it!

Picture taken from Guildhall roof.

Be grateful for a ground-level shot if anyone is passing!

Dine told me:

I asked for this on 28 Feb but Ukraine flags have been in short supply and it arrived yesterday. Like your own I think!

I think l had a better supplier Dine as l ordered it just the day before.

Cllr Guy has also sent me a photo of the Guildhall flag and told me:

” It’s now proudly flying from the Guildhall. 

In addition to that I was appalled to find out that this years UNESCO world conference has still not been moved from Russia yet. I have personally written to the UK representative stating we believe the event should be moved and if not we would boycott the event and would encourage partners to do the same.

We are incredibly proud of our double UNESCO listing, and stand ready to host their conference were they to cancel it in Russia, as we hope they do. Even more importantly, we as a council and as individuals within BANES are open to the refugees of Ukraine, I am not alone I’m sure in feeling heartbroken and angered watching the reports of war.

With our partners in the community, we stand ready to be proactive in welcoming refugees, and helping those still in the war zone, rather than feeling impotent to help

The People of Bath and North East Somerset stand United with the People of Ukraine. 

Meanwhile very impressed with the way the Abbey has responded by lighting the tower in blue and yellow. Thanks again to the Grapes in Westgate Street for the photo

Thanks also to historian, author and publisher Kirsten Elliott for the following …

‘I took these shots from my window last night, using two different lenses, so one appears more distant than the other,’ she said.

Meanwhile, Barry Gilbertson tells me:

“Fabulously, last evening, at a tremendous concert by Bath Philharmonia, The Forum staff used lbue and yellow to frame the proscenium arch. 

The star of the evening was an astonishing virtuoso display of complex piano skill and talent by @laramelda playing a concerto by Chopin (composed when he was just 19 !).

Conductor Justin Thornton said the theme for the evening was that all the pieces played (including by Felix Mendelssohn and by Clara Schumann) were all crafted when the composers were in their late teens or mid-twenties. Lara is 28 by the way having been the BBC Young Musician of the Year in 2010.

“Also, it was pointed out that, on International National Women’s Day, the @bathphil Co-chair of Trustees, the General Manager, the Leader of the orchestra and the Soloist were all women. How especially apt!”

Finally, my thanks to Hilary Taylor who took this shot of the Guildhall this morning from ground level!