Where is Bath’s support?

Popped into Bath’s Guildhall Market this morning to see if l could buy a Ukrainian flag – to hoist up my flagpole at home – but seems l was out of luck as trader Mike Watts explained.

Also disappointed to see no such flag fluttering above the Guildhall or Bath Abbey.

Bristol’s City Hall is lit up and even Melksham Town Hall – l hear – is showing the colours.

I have approached B&NES and Bath Abbey for comment.

A spokesperson for the Abbey told me: ‘We are currently exploring lighting up the Abbey in blue & yellow. Inside the Abbey we have prayer stations for Ukraine that are in constant use by visitors. We also have regular prayers in all our Abbey services and donations to DEC relief are being encouraged.’

I am also now aware of a peaceful demonstration being held next to Bath Abbey this Saturday morning at 10 am.

It’s being organised by two Uni of Bath students.

Guest speakers: MP Wera Hobhouse, Dr Stephen Hall (Russian politics lecturer at the University of Bath), Ivan Golobow (Russian studies lecturer at the University of Bath), various Ukrainian and Russian students at the University of Bath. 

Date: Saturday 5th March 2022 

Time: 10:00 – 12:00/12:30. 

I am told the priorities of this event is to show support for Ukraine and condemn Putin’s actions; educate the public of Bath about the background and context of the war as well as what they can do to help.

There will be information about charities in Ukraine and Ukrainian culture will be celebrated with music.

This is a peaceful demonstration, no aggression or discrimination against the Russian people will be tolerated.



  1. I also have tried to purchase a flag but failed so have taken a paper one from the internet. Do you know if Bath has anywhere collecting toiletries and necessities for Ukraine? I’ve searched online but it seems all towns around are making an effort to support the Ukrainians but not so Bath. Thank you

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  2. Is it possible to point citizens of Bath in the direction of a Ukraine donation and collection site please. Having scoured the web it would appear that several initiatives are underway in the surrounding areas, but Bath is offering none !.

    Andrew James

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