Back in Blighty.

Coming down the hill into Box after our re-stocking food trip to Sainsbury’s at Chippenham this morning.

Yes – we are back from our week in the sun and grateful to finally reach our Canary island destination after two years of viral and weather obstacles.

My partner is a teacher so we are forced to holiday at the same time as the schools break up.

It means the occasional ‘hello sir’ on foreign shores but – more importantly – the fact that airports and car parks are crowded and fares ‘top dollar.’

Bristol Airport’s parking facilities were full up so we had to book a taxi – there and back – but l must say Onward Travel Solutions Ltd offered a reasonably priced service and a friendly driver.

Good to see him too after long four-hour EasyJet flight – enlivened with lusty turbulence and the real lack of any full food and drink service.

The airline company appears to be in the throes of introducing a new 2022 menu but we were facing a lengthy flight with no savoury food choices and just enough ‘covers’ to be able to serve hot coffee or tea to 15 of the 200 people on board.

Seems the crew can’t serve drinks without covers for health and safety reasons.

Bristol Airport – l am afraid – lived up to its occasional Lulsgate Bottom reputation.

We waited and waited at our ‘carousel’ only to have an official whistle at us from the other end of the luggage retrieving hall to say we were now on a different conveyor.

With all the technology available you can’t beat a good throaty whistle to attract attention from us footweary sloggers.

Mr George about to eat a narcissus

Anyway we are back. Thank you to Tom and Charlie for looking after the needs of Mr George.

Washing machine is on. Though with energy prices about to go through the roof l can see myself beating my laundry against hard stones on the banks of the River Avon before long!

I hope to have Bath Newseum back to near normal by Tuesday. Enjoy today’s sunshine. I am actually appreciating the chill in the air – along with the spring flowers appearing in our garden.


  1. Richard and Co , probably best to of stayed there! With the madman’s latest comments in the past couple of hours!!

  2. The joys and vagaries of modern travel! Hope your return journey didn’t spoil the trip and make you feel you need another holiday!

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