Roadside rubbish

What is it with people using car windows as exit points for their litter?

Just lower the glass and let the speed vacuum suck it out of your life. Behind you, it’s left to line the roadside and become someone else’s problem.

The left-hand side of the Batheaston/Swainswick ByPass – driving towards the Bathford roundabout – is absolutely disgusting. I shot this footage from our car’s window.

Drive into Swindon this coming month and you will see daffodils in their hundreds lining the roadside. We welcome visitors with litter.


  1. I have been on to the Banes Council, twice, via the ‘Fix My Street’ facility to draw attention to this appalling and unsightly stretch of dual carriageway. The rubbish is a disgrace. The Council say its a National Highways problem and they they in turn have said, No, its a local authority responsibility. So it’s been kicked backwards and forwards without being addressed. It’s too dangerous and a huge undertaking for volunteers like myself to go and pick it up. So I’ve given up.

  2. Whatever happened to B&NES humorous, but effective(?) signs, “Don’t be a tosser, take your litter home”. Lack of enforcement encourages tossers.

  3. Like you we have just come back from the Canaries where there is no litter. I dont blame the council I blame the people who throw the litter out of their cars. Sent from my Galaxy

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