RUH apprenticeships success

More people than ever before are enrolled on apprenticeships at the Royal United Hospitals (RUH) Bath NHS Foundation Trust. Over 230 people are currently combining paid work, practical training and study in a range of clinical and non-clinical roles at the hospital.

“Apprenticeships offer people an alternative route into working here,” said Helen Back, Associate Director of Learning and Culture at the RUH.

“This is great for us, as it means we can employ an even wider range of talented people, and it’s great for apprentices who might not have been able to pursue their careers via more traditional routes.”

Apprenticeships provide people with the opportunity to put their learning into practice on the job and gain support from experienced colleagues. The RUH offers clinical and non-clinical apprenticeships in roles such as nursing, business administration and occupational therapy.

Doug Mackenzie has been completing an engineering apprenticeship at the RUH since 2018. After missing out on the grades he needed to go on to further education, Doug discovered that an apprenticeship could offer a way into his dream career as an engineer.

Doug said: “I always wanted a career in engineering but I missed out on my maths GCSE so thought it might not be possible until I heard about the engineering apprenticeship at the RUH.

“I’ve struggled in the past academically as I have dyslexia, so the main benefit of doing an apprenticeship for me was the learning style.

“The hands-on experience I’ve gained working with the team here at the RUH has been great. I’ve learnt so much and I’m really happy with how far I’ve come.”

Since introducing apprenticeships in 2017, the RUH has supported hundreds of people to progress their careers in healthcare, many of who are still working at the Trust.

Apprenticeships are available at different levels and can take between one and four years to complete, depending on the type of apprenticeship and the level. Levels range from intermediate, which is the equivalent of a GCSE, right up to degree which is equivalent to a master’s or bachelor’s degree.

Many of those enrolled on apprenticeships at the RUH are existing staff members looking to develop their skills and progress their careers.

Katy Stevenson, Assistant Practitioner, said: “I started working at the RUH as a healthcare assistant and have recently completed the level 5 Assistant Practitioner Apprenticeship.

“It was a perfect fit for me as I was earning while I was learning, which was helpful as I have a young family. I have now started the next apprenticeship programme with the University of Gloucester and in a couple of years’ time I will hopefully be closer to my ultimate goal of being a registered nurse.”

The RUH was also a finalist in last year’s Bristol and Bath Apprenticeship Awards in recognition of the work done to expand the range of apprenticeships on offer and providing development opportunities for staff.

“We have apprentices of all ages and backgrounds and I’d encourage anyone who’s interested to apply for one. We have a growing range of apprenticeships on offer so there really is something for everyone,” said Helen.

To apply for an apprenticeship at the RUH search the NHS Jobs website:

  •   National Apprenticeship Week takes place from 7 – 13 February to showcase the positive impact apprenticeships have on businesses and individuals.
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  1. Wonderful to see the rebirth of the apprenticeship scheme over the past few years. A successful route into employment that fell out of favour in comparison with the purely academic route, which didn’t suit everybody. Both my brother and a cousin did electrical engineering apprenticeships in the ’50s and ’60s, which provided the basis for very successful careers. Well done RUH!

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