Unfair planning laws

I am incensed by how unfair the planning system is in this country. Checking on my emails this morning l see additional documents have been added by developers trying to build on a patch of green belt land at Larkhall in Bath.

They have tried before – in several different schemes – to build houses on this agricultural land. – even losing at a planning appeal.

Apart from its importance as a portal for Nature – and entrance to the beautiful Woolley Valley – this triangular-shaped area between Deadmill Lane and Ferndale Road – lies within the World Heritage site and next door to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

There are better places to build within the city rather than gobbling up Green Belt with difficult and potentially dangerous vehicular access onto a narrow and blind country lane currently used as a rat run.

The start of the Woolley Valley.

Objections – of which there have been more than 180 from individuals and organisations – had to be in by the 25th of November. Yet there is nothing stopping the applicants from moving the goalposts and responding to any comments made by concerned citizens – prior to a B&NES planning officer making a decision to approve or not.

This is so unfair. We cannot comment further yet they can use our concerns to change their scheme. It should be the law that an application received on a particular date should stand as the application – without further alteration.

Why should those simply seeking a development profit be able to amend things to try and gain favour? We can’t offer further objections to their amendment!!

They are also using the ‘affordable homes’ tag which is also a laugh. It just means 20 per cent less than market value and applies to any home – modest or luxury.


  1. Agree Richard , may be have a word with the council ??? ( May be they’ve had the golf and meal already ? so can’t change their minds now ) I know exactly where that is, having went to all 3 Larkhall schools in the 70’s and 80’s…. also mate’s living around your area aswell at the time.
    Rat run ! Thanks for CAZ , can’t BANE’S see what they done / shifted elsewhere in the City?

  2. While I totally agree with your comments about the planning system – which is heavily weighted in favour of the developer – you can still comment. Although the statutory consultation period has ended comments will be accepted right up until the decision day. It’s possibly discretionary but in my experience this has always been the practice with B&NES.

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