Let the people choose a mayor.

Cllr June Player is currently the 794th Mayor of Bath and is no doubt doing a super job as the city’s ‘First Citizen’ and ceremonial ‘leader’ but – after nearly 800 years isn’t it time for change?

The office of mayor is shared amongst the councillors who have wards within the city of Bath. They are called the Charter Trustees and there are 28 of them.

Its’s a bit of an inner circle and – no doubt – there’s keen competition amongst them to see who will be next in line to wear the Mayor’s black hat with a gold flash!

Why not open out this office to nominations from the general public. Local people who have done much for the city and who are willing to be accorded the honour of voluntarily representing Bath for a year.

Draw up a short list that people could vote on. It’s a ceremonial role so why should it go to an elected councillor who should be concentrating upon the job they were elected to do?

Just saying. What do others think?

Do you know the city has an official flag? You’ll never see it flying above the Guildhall – or even the Abbey on Mayor Making Day.

Bath wants its own city or parish council too! Let’s get local government moving again.


  1. Well said Richard. Fully behind you on this and you are in a good position to push for it. Keep up the pressure!!

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