Quick on the draw

Here’s one way to cheer yourself up and maybe realise a new talent. The free class detailed below being part of the forthcoming Bath Comedy Festival.

Have you ever thought you might have a budding cartoonist lurking in you skill set? Are you quite proud of those doodles you create while on a long boring call to your online financial advisor?

Do you have a secret sardonic wit or rapier-sharp humorous bent waiting to be released? Or maybe you just like drawing and want to find another angle. Just think of all the money you could save on comic greetings cards for your admiring relatives and friends if you could create your own!

Any of the above and the free cartoon drawing workshop being presented by Bath Institute of Laughter as part of the fast approaching Permission to Laugh mini-fest is perfect for you!

Harry Venning is an award-winning cartoonist and is here to share his skills with one and all.

Remember, this workshop is for anyone who has ever picked up a pencil, and for those who don’t know one end from another. (Hint: the soft end is the rubber).

Completely free, you just have to email Bath Institute of Laughter and tell them you are coming! Bring the whole family if you like.