Blame Bridgerton for plastic blooms says Ralph

With judges from South West in Bloom visiting the city last week l expressed my own preference for the living flower over the plastic alternative.

I realise of course that many a struggling business can save money and maintenance with garlands of fake blooms but the chemically-produced alternative doesn’t sit well in a city famous for its award-winning blooms.

Bath Newseum regular Ralph Oswick writes:

“Re artificial flowers, by coincidence my pal and I were sitting in those very chairs in your photo outside the Francis waiting for a taxi and I wondered aloud what the Britain in Bloom judges would think.

I blame Bridgerton for this sudden plague of floral fakery. Every single Bath building shown in the series was swathed in impossible amounts of artificial bloomage.

I can’t really complain as I have a plastic palm installed amongst the genuine plants on my balcony, although it’s so realistic even I sometimes go to water it! “