Fringe benefits

Thank you Bath Fringe Festival for finally putting some life into the dreadfully re-designed space that is the Saw Close square.

Developers – putting in a new hotel, eateries and a now closed casino – missed out on providing an exciting piazza – worthy of the original architecture that surrounds it.

Instead we got bike stands, benches and plastic shrubbery.

Then – on Sunday – along came a bunch of street performers with Bedlam Fair – bringing entertainment and joy to people once more experiencing the thrill of gathered crowds of human beings.

Fringe continues through July – check out

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  1. I agree Richard, awful ! But let’s Not forget! It was approved by the city council ,people who come and go ,have no real family links to Bath, I:E from elsewhere! and think they know best! Seen it loads of times in 13 years in Cornwall!, C A zone is stopping me working on a project in the city ,and I have a modern van ! Thanks LD’s …

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