Basson on Bath

Always nice to hear from regular follower Terry Basson who has been having an ‘out of body experience!’

We’ll make his observations a sort of ‘Thought for the Day.’

“I sat in the city for over an hour killing time yesterday and let myself float away like a body outside of itself. I was waiting to take someone home after a dental visit, so what l began thinking about became of deeper interest to me.

I looked first at our Georgian city, the ornate – yet somewhat plain – wonderful structures that past hands and minds had created for us to inherit?

Yet of course I realise, that they did not have any thoughts about our future inheritance when developing this city called Bath!

However, architects – planners – builders – structural engineers and local Bath stone quarries, all gave this city to us current users .

Man’s achievements of course all about me – so close that I could walk streets of this city thinking about all the skilled hands that had toiled so hard to create – all now long gone of course.

Then there were the people who came to live in these buildings – living their own lives in their own time frame and surrounded by the ghosts of the past.

Being in the building trade all my working life I marvelled at what creative hands
had left behind. Upright – level – trimmed and functional structures. I sat aloof to all those passers by, as if sitting on a magic flying carpet.

I imagined myself flying above the Robert Adam Pulteney Bridge, observing a situation in a much deeper way since, because maybe, I had been in lockdown away for over a year.

Maybe this period of isolation had developed a greater understanding of reality in me and thankfulness to those from our past who have created wonderful city.”