Easy does it.

I was in Bath before ten am this morning to get my second Astra Zeneca jab at Bath Pavilion.

Early morning queue outside Bath Pavilion.

Queueing for a short while, l was able to see how the pace has picked up again. The big electronic screen proudly announcing that 30,000 vaccinations had been given so far in just this one venue.

More activity down in the South Gate Shopping Centre.

The city has a bit of its buzz back but l must say grey skies and a cold wind may have played some part in keeping numbers down.

Cafe activity in Kingsmead Square

Cafes are beginning to buzz again with outside tables filling up and hairdressers and barbers – especially – will have a long waiting list of clients to get through.

Laura Place has been brightened up with a tub of artificial flowers – courtesy of Neptune Furniture Store who are based at the old Tram Station in Walcot Street.

Saying it with flowers.

Took a sneak peek inside the side door of the new World Heritage and Learning Centres in York Street. Someone had left the door open – l did not trespass!!

Plus the new entrance way to what will be Topping’s new independent book shop – in what was the old Friends Meeting House – is taking shape. It’s due to be open for Christmas.

Finally, here’s the queue into Bath Street from the newly-re-opened Primark Store as it remains cautious and limits the number allowed in the store at any one time.

Also do check out today’s notice from Bath BID. https://mailchi.mp/29a6eb396066/bath-bid-levy-payers-update-13386208?e=74cbbfac62


  1. Dear Richard

    Many thanks for bringing us up to date with photographs of what is happening in central Bath. I have just returned from receiving my second vaccination at the Pavilion – they are so organised there are they not?

    Regards Audrey

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