Station closure

Problems at Green Park Station where the main roofed area has been fenced off and the Farmers Market has been moved to the car park by the old Homebase Store.

The Ethical Property Company – who manage the site – have just released the following statement:

‘As the management company operating  Green Park Station in Bath we have had to take the difficult decision to close access to parts of Green Park Station to ensure the safety of  those who work and visit this amazing building. 

Part of the glass roof of Green Park Station has caused us concern with one panel becoming loose and Building Control were called in to assess the situation.

The majority of the site does remain open and businesses are still trading as usual. We are currently waiting for our landlords, Sainsburys, to provide us with a copy of the buildings audit and risk assessment and further information on the action they will take to ensure we can open the affected section fully and safely.

The owners of the site, Bath & North East Somerset Council are aware of the situation and we are working with all our partners to ensure the safety of the public.

We have a full programme of events and markets throughout the spring and summer which we hope will not be effected, however, we will post regular updates on our social media platforms. In the meantime – Green Park Station is very much open for business.”

Meanwhile, Bath and North East Somerset Council – who own the site – have issued the following statement.

“The land and buildings are let on a long lease under which the tenant is responsible for undertaking all repairs. We have advised the tenant and their commercial agent of their legal obligations under the lease.”